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Privacy and Confidentiality
OKI does not automatically collect or capture any personal data (that is, information about people who we can identify) about visitors to this site.
Where we invite you to enter personal information, our general policy is to ask only for what we need and to use it only for the stated or obvious purposes for which it was collected (for example, to send you a brochure or press release at your request).
If we indicate that your personal information may be used for general (including direct) marketing purposes, we will give you the opportunity to withhold your permission for that use and respect your wishes. If you indicate that you have no objection, your information may be made available to our computerised customer management system. It will then be used to contact you with information about products and services we think may be of interest to you, as well as for adapting our products and services to your requirements, for market research and planning purposes, and for any other purposes for which it was expressly or obviously collected.
Any personal information we collect about you may be transmitted to another OKI subsidiary, or to a collaborator such as a mailing house who fulfils your request on OKI's behalf, but will never be sent to anybody else without your express consent. It will not be sent outside the Asia Pacific Economic Area unless the recipient agrees with us to protect it and treat it as if the recipient had the same obligations in respect of it as we have in the APEA.
You may at any time ask to see the data we hold about you, and if it is incorrect we will correct or delete it at your request. Your local OKI office is responsible for your data for this purpose.
Any information you send us that is not about identifiable people, whether commercial, technical, information about companies, or of any other kind, will not be regarded as confidential, whether or not it is described as such. Is a condition of your use of this site that OKI may disclose such information freely and use it in any other way.